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Our original travel sized LionFish pole spear! (complete and ready to use)


The original travel size pole spear now comes with our 9.5″ stainless steel barbed paralyzer tip and is 32″/ 81cc long overall. Several are being tested in Belize, Honduras, Panama, Aruba, the United States including the US Virgin Islands and the feedback is exciting!

The marine grade aluminum shaft is carefully tooled, nicely polished and coated, compact and strong!

It’s 6mm threads are the industry standard so other tips will attach and the shaft itself is just 22.5″ (57cm) long with the tip removed so postage rates are minimized and it will fit easily in medium sized luggage or your day pac


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Aruba LionFish Initiative Foundation is designed to create a permanent 100 % sustainable fishery to manage populations of the invasive LionFish in Aruban waters by purchasing, data collection, information and processing to create a market supply.
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