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LionFish are venomous, not poisonous , there is no harm in eating the LionFish meat.
Eat LionFish


Saturated Fats & Heavy metals

Fortunately for our coral reefs, the flashy LionFish has caught the attention of the hungriest predators of all: People! Once stripped of its venomous spines, cleaned, and filleted like any other fish, the LionFish becomes delectable seafood fare.

Thankfully LionFish is a delicious and nutritious white fish rich in Omega 3! The Aruba

Aruba LionFish Initiative encouraging a seafood market as a means of mitigating the species’ impacts on reef communities. To promote awareness of the LionFishas a good mate for one’s dinner plate

Hungry for LionFish or ready to try this delicious fish for the first time? Ever wondered what LionFish tastes like and want to satisfy your culinary curiosities? Contrary to what you may have been told, LionFish is NOT poisonous and is safe to eat where it is served!

Create a demand for LionFish by asking for it at your favorite seafood restaurant and always eat LionFish when it is on the menu!

Support the restaurants, stores and other businesses that sell wild-caught LionFish at these fine locations (when available):

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