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  1. The body is white or cream colored with red to reddish brown vertical stripes with the stripes alternating from wide to very thin and sometimes even merging along the flank to form a V.
  2. The LionFish has elongated venomous dorsal and anal fin spines. There are 13 dorsal spines, 10 to 11 dorsal soft rays, 3 anal spines, 6 to 7 anal soft rays and 2 pelvic spines. The fin membranes are often spotted or have small holes.
  3. In their natural habitat they are commonly found to be between 320 mm – 350 mm / 12.6 -13.8 inches in size, but they have been found as big as 474 mm/18.7 inches.
  4. In recent research conducted by REEF of non-native LionFish, the average size found was 188 mm / 7.4 inches with the size range 25 mm – 389 mm/1 – 15.3 inches.
  5. The largest Pterois Volitans / Red LionFish specimen collected on the U.S. east coast, caught via hook and line off North Carolina in 2004, was over 430 mm/16.9 inches long and weighed approximately 1.1 kg/2.4 pounds.
  6. The lifespan in the wild is up to 15 years, but as yet the lifespan in non-native waters has not been determined.


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