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Aruba LionFish Ambassador Course

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The LionFish eLearning course is based on the combination of knowledge from the Aruba LionFish management plan, REEF (Reef Environmental Education Foundation), Belize, Bonaire, and guidelines of  PADI Distinctive Specialty Course Invasive LionFish Tracker.

The eLearning Course is also suitable for snorkelers and volunteers participating in marine science projects in Aruba.

This course is designed to help you become an ambassador for the Aruba LionFish Initiative Foundation. You will be able to inform other curious people about the problem and spread the word, hopefully inspiring them to help us fight the LionFish invasion.

Minimal requirements

  • An interest in learning to know more of the invasive LionFish

Course Curriculum

The LionFish Problem
What is the problem? 00:30:00
Disturbance of the ecosystem 00:00:00
How did LionFish come to the Caribbean? 00:00:00
Q1 What is the problem? 00:03:00
LionFish Biology
Different kinds of LionFish 00:30:00
The LionFish lifecycle 00:00:00
Are LionFish dangerous to humans? 00:00:00
LionFish habitat preference and behavior 00:30:00
Q2 LionFish Biology 00:03:00
Culling and Hunting LionFish
Culling and hunting techniques 00:00:00
Spearing and containment devices 00:00:00
Capturing with nets 00:00:00
Marine life and environment 00:00:00
LionFish sting first aid and treatment 00:00:00
Q3 Culling and hunting LionFish 00:03:00
Aruba LionFish Initiative Foundation
Aruba LionFish Initiative Foundation goals 00:00:00
Aruba’s hunting grounds 00:00:00
Culling and hunting with ALFI foundation 00:00:00
Q4 About the Foundation 00:05:00
Final Exam
Aruba LionFish Ambassador Final exam 00:20:00

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Aruba LionFish Initiative Foundation is designed to create a permanent 100 % sustainable fishery to manage populations of the invasive LionFish in Aruban waters by purchasing, data collection, information and processing to create a market supply.
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